Marmalade the Mouse…


Marmalade the Mouse is the star character in a Great British Series of children’s books written and illustrated by Lucy Magicmaker, who was born in The South Hams in South Devon in 1967. Part Devonian & Part Cornish, Lucy has a strong bond to the energy and landscape of The West Country, which is where her first few Marmalade the Mouse books are set. After spending many years of her life travelling the globe working for “huge corporations”, Lucy returned to her birthplace with a strong belief that “less might well be more?” Sitting down at her kitchen table, she slowly but steadily built a miniature mouse-sized company that she could call her own … and [without any frills or fuss] quietly became a writer and illustrator.

Book 2 of Marmalade the Mouse’s Great British Adventures is set in Cornwall and is called:

The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure


In The Cornish Adventure, Marmalade the Mouse boards a train to London. At least that’s where he thought he was going until he slipped into hibernation on the Paddington to Penzance service, only to wake up months later at the wrong end of the line!


Marmalade suddenly finds himself in a Cornish world filled with pirates and smugglers, fairies and kings. Together with his new friend Sybil, a bossy old seagull from Penzance, they embark on a series of crazy adventures … right on the Cornish edge!


Sybil the Seagull of Penzance is Marmalade the Mouse’s co-star throughout this Cornish Adventure and narrates the tale from start to finish in her hilarious broad Cornish dialect.  A great book to read aloud to children – and very funny!

Book 1 in the series is set on the muddy banks of the River Dart in The South Hams, Devon and is called:

The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Jammy Adventure


In The Devon-based Jammy Adventure, Marmalade has the utterly disastrous idea of setting up a jam factory! The story is set on the banks of The River Dart in the muddiest, cow-pattiest, windiest depths of South Devon, right at the point where the land meets the sea.


The Devon lanes and autumn hedgerows are bulging with blackberries and fruits, and for a brief moment Marmalade’s plan looks set to succeed. But as autumn turns to winter and the nights grow colder, things begin to go horribly wrong! This is a story about never giving up, no matter how impossible something may seem.

Children will LOVE the adventures of Marmalade the “irrepressible” Mouse, and you can buy signed and dedicated First Editions in the Marmalade the Mouse online shop priced £14.50 each – great value for such beautifully made hardback books with amazing watercolour illustrations.  When in the online shop, you may also find yourself tempted by the super cute handmade Marmalade the Mouse, and his little clothes … with a different mini mouse-sized outfit to go with each book, not to mention the Signed Limited Edition prints of the front covers.

With The London Adventure coming out next, Marmalade the Mouse is one to watch!