Lay Up For Winter – Boat Out of Water Checklist

It’s that time again – with boats coming out of the water, a few simple hints and tips can ensure that re-commissioning in Spring will be much more straightforward.**

  1. Give the bottom a thorough power-wash and also wash down the topsides and deck.
  1. Give the interior a thorough wash down with a disinfectant solution to prevent any build up of mould and mildew whilst laid up.
  1. Winterize your engine:
    1. Top off your fuel tank to prevent build up of condensation.
    2. Drain and flush the cooling system before replenishing with anti-freeze mix.
    3. Change the oil and the oil filter.
  1. Winterize plumbing by either draining it completely or refilling with anti-freeze.  Water and holding tanks should be flushed with anti-bacterial solution and drained.
  1. Disconnect and remove the battery – alternatively set up a battery charger to maintain it through any long period of inactivity.
  1. Check the hull for any damaged paintwork or cracks – repair and reseal with a good wax coat.
  1. Provide your boat with a properly fitting cover to protect it from rain, snow and frost.
  1. Ensure that, although protected, there is always good airflow to prevent build up of damp and mildew.
  1. Keep the sea cocks and drains open to prevent build up of any water from rain or leaks.
  1. Grease all parts that require it to protect from corrosion.

Click to download these tips as a handy PDF to print and keep.

**These hints and tips are provided for useful information only and Christopher Rowe Limited accept no responsibility for any resulting consequences.

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