Support Your Local Fishermen

In these somewhat troubling times, it’s become increasingly apparent that only by working together can we find a way forward.  The Fishing Industry in particular is suffering, with reduced demand from restaurants, with supermarkets closing fish counters and fish prices plummeting in fish markets.

We are an island nation.  Fishing is important and there are ways we can all support the industry.

In Cornwall, the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation Ltd and Seafood Cornwall are working together to connect people to their local fish merchants with their #FishToYourDoor initiative.  You can contact them on twitter at  If you are a fisherman, looking to sell your catch – then contact them on twitter or their website:

Newlyn Fish Market is still trading.  The Newlyn Fishmonger is still open – and still delivering to your door:

Fresh Cornish Fish is another Newlyn business that will deliver to you:

If your tastes run to handpicked crab then try The Real Cornish Crab Co:

It’s not just Cornwall.  Fish Markets around the country, such as Peterhead, are still trading. 

Seafish UK have set up a #SeaForYourself initiative to get consumers to eat more sea food caught in UK waters.  You can find out more at:

Wherever you are in the country, lots of local fishmongers will deliver to your door.  If you are not sure what fish to buy or how to cook it then ask the fishmonger for suggestions – they’ll be only too happy to help.

If you’re a fisherman and you’re struggling during the current crisis then don’t forget the Fishermen’s Mission – they are there to help and support.

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