Newlyn Arts Festival in the Studio Café, Newlyn Art Gallery


As part of 2014’s Newlyn Arts Festival, four artists took up residence in the village, creating work in various locations including The Fishermen’s Mission.  The work, or documentation of their residency, is exhibited in the Studio Café at Newlyn Art Gallery.

From 27 January 2015 to 7 February 2015, the exhibited artist is Faye Dobinson with “All at Sea”.

Faye spent her residency sketching, talking and finding out about navigation from fishermen at The Mission.  She listened to their tales and made small art works, ten of which were sent off in bottles (akin to a ‘message in a bottle’).  The work was sent out with the fishermen who threw the art from their boats at a point they believed would give the bottle the best chance of it travelling furthest afield.  Faye will present some of her artworks and documentation relating to her residency.


From 10 – 21 February 2015, the exhibited artist is Biljana Lipic with “Fishermen’s Hands”.

During her residency, using photography, Biljana observed and attempted to ‘catch’ the Newlyn fishermen’s individual characters and life stories, as embodied through their hands.  She moved about the village to find the fishermen in their working and leisure environments.  Her goal was to show in as personal and intimate way as possible, the work and the lives of these men who are also some of our last hunters.

Newlyn Art Gallery, New Road, Newlyn TR18 5PZ

Call 01736 363715 or visit the website.

Studio Café and shop at Newlyn Art Gallery are open Tue-Sat, 11am – 4pm, free admission, donations welcome.

The galleries are now closed for maintenance work, reopening on Saturday 21st March 2015 with Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014.

Then and Now Exhibition – Penlee House Gallery & Museum


“Then and Now”, an exhibition of local photographs, is currently on display at the Penlee House Gallery & Museum, Penzance.  Curated by the Penlee Photographic Research Group and sponsored by the Queens Hotel, it follows the trail of a visitor to the area in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The series of photographs start at Penzance Railway Station, proceeds to the Queens Hotel and then takes us on various excursions to the surrounding area.  On display are photographs taken by Gibson, Frith, William Colenso and a wonderful selection by Geraldine Underell which were donated to Penlee House.

The Penlee Photographic Research Group have followed in their footsteps and taken pictures of many of the locations as they are now.  Newlyn, Mousehole, St Just and Zennor are just a few of the areas visited and, although places have obviously changed and buildings have been demolished and rebuilt, it is surprising how instantly recognisable many of the locations still are.


The black and white photographs are stunning and personal favourites are “Sea Dreams”  and “Pat A Cake” taken in Mousehole in the 1940’s by Geraldine Underell.

The exhibition runs until 21 March 2015 and a visit is highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of their local area.

More information about the exhibition and other events is available from